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LED Bike Lights and CyclingAll serious cyclists need to have a set of LED bike lights, both those cycling for a hobby or for professional reasons. They serve a great number of functional purposes, including letting motorists know that you are on the road and also showing you where you are going. Cycling is becoming extremely popular due to the fact that it is enjoyable and not expensive. It is also extremely easy to incorporate it into your daily routine. This can ultimately save you a lot of money in fuel costs and you know you will be doing your part to help save the environment. Cycling contributes almost £3 billion to the UK economy with almost a quarter of the population taking to their bikes. As the sport becomes more and more popular it is essential that everyone knows how important it is to have LED bike lights.Cycling BenefitsIf you have invested in a bike and relevant accessories such as LED bike lights, you are on your way to helping the environment, saving money and increasing your fitness. Cycling brings so many health benefits and the sad thing is that not many people actually know just how many. Cycling often and for a reasonable amount of time gives an all-over body workout and helps to shape and tone the abs, thighs and calf muscles. As well as decreasing body fat levels, cycling helps to reduce stress, improves posture and also strengthens your heart. Biking is one of the easier sports to get involved in quickly as many of us already have cycling experience from toddler age and are aware of the rules of the road. So that you can start to reap the health benefits, it is important to buy appropriate accessories such as a helmet, cycle clothes and LED bike lights.LED Bike Lights and Saving CostsAnother reason why cycling is becoming more attractive is the rising costs in fuel. If you choose to swap four wheels to two, you will notice a huge difference when you check your bank balance next! If you want to start riding to work, it is essential that you shop around for LED bike lights as you may need to leave earlier than expected. The early mornings can sometimes be dull and therefore your visibility is extremely low. Riding home is also an issue. Depending on what time you finish you may come across bad weather or early darkness so it is vital that you are prepared with a good light. After the initial cost of the bike and accessories, cycling is free and if kept well maintained, will last you a very long time. Fitting your bike with LED bike lights doesn’t have to cost the earth either; there are plenty of options available today to suit all purposes and all budgets.

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For all of you looking on “how do I get taller” you will have encountered growing taller exercises. One of the overlooked exercises which are also very effective is cycling, that is right, you can in fact turn cycling into a way to increase your height. This isn’t just regular cycling though, you will have to make a few changes to the normal way that you cycle into a method that is specialised to help you lengthen your legs and give you the answer on “how do I get taller”The discovery of how cycling would help is when it was discovered that the Dutch were taller than the Germans and it could be seen due to the different riding positions that the two had when it came down to their bikes.So if you are someone who cycles around a lot as part of their daily routine then this is for you, or even if you don’t cycle you can do this in your free time or even on a stationary bike or at a gym too.The following are the changes/improvements that you will need to make when you start riding your bike to help you obtain optimal growth…· When your feet are on the pedal you will want to have your leg fully stretched when you are at the bottom of the cycle.· Raise the handlebars up so that you don’t slump over the handle bars like a racer but instead keep your body straight up.· Once you have gotten used to this height you will want to raise your seat a quarter of an inch (MOST IMPORTANT STEP), this will help your legs stretch and once you have become accustomed to this you will want to keep going on and on raising the level of your seat.· Be CAREFUL not to be on your tip toes on the pedal when your foot gets to the bottom, you must make sure that they are flat and comfortable otherwise you may risk injury and reduce control of the bike.By following these simple steps you will be able to manipulate the growth in your legs around the thigh area (one of the 3 target spots to lengthen for height; thigh, spine and shins) just by simply cycling around.If you don’t like the idea of cycling there are in fact many other exercises to grow taller that you can actually use to help you increase your height. These include activities such as sprinting, skipping (jump rope), playing basket ball, swimming etc.You will want to make sure that you don’t overdo it with these activities though. The main reason for this is you don’t want to cause yourself any injury while trying to increase your height and also because the body will mostly grow and recover while it is in the resting period. For this reason you will want to make sure that you keep it to 3-5 days so that your body actually has time to rest from these growing taller exercises.

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With an abundance of natural beauty and a hardcore bicycle-friendly culture, Finland is a dreamland for any family of cycling enthusiasts. The country of Finland seems to have been geographically crafted specifically for cycling. With relatively flat riding surfaces all around the country and some jaw-dropping scenery – from scattered islands, lakes, and forests, to relaxing farmlands and cozy little villages – everywhere you go.Combine this with the measures put in place by the Finish people, such as separate biking paths in almost every major city and town and an interconnected network of over 70 marked national cycle routes across the country, and you’ve got yourself a country that is a serious cycling utopia.Where to go for the best family cycling in FinlandIf you’re looking for the ideal family cycling adventure in Finland there are a variety of trips to choose from. You can go anywhere from the summer hotspot town of Turku all the way to above the arctic circle where in the midsummer, the sun never sets and if you’re one of the lucky visitors, you’ll experience the wondrous sight of the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights.The capital has what you are looking for in cycling the Finland wayThe region around the capital of Helsinki offers some amazing cycling opportunities for families as well as some great day trip bike outings throughout some of the surrounding cities and villages.Exploring Helsinki thanks to its great bike pathsStart your adventure in Helsinki where bike paths are plentiful and there is a long list of sites to see. Start at the city’s center marketplace and continue to the symbol of the city, the popular Helsinki Cathedral. Helsinki is a modern city that blends 18th and 19th century architecture with ultra-modern structures. One of these is the Kiasma, the city’s contemporary art museum. All these sites are easily accessible via the city’s bike paths.Next, make a reservation to take a cruise to the medieval city of Porvoo, some 50 km away.. This relaxing 4 hour cruise welcomes cyclists and their bikes and will let you and your family enjoy the amazing scenery of sweeping ocean views surrounding the Finland coast, including all the little islands scattered across the shores of the Baltic Sea.Cycling in Finland gets medieval in PorvooOnce in Porvoo, spend the night at one of the town’s great inns and wake up to the charms of this little village. Porvoo is one of only 6 medieval towns in Finland and it has an expressly old town aura. Take a short trip just outside of town and visit the burial grounds that date back to the Bronze Age, in the village of Suomenkyla.Some tours may take you over to the Tuusula Lake community, which has been a renowned artist colony for generations and is another quaint little village where you and your family can relax.Get out and start discovering the beauty of FinlandThere are a number of family cycling trips in Finland that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. All along the way there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and fun activities steeped in character that your entire family will love.