Amazing Australian Cycle Hot Spots |

TasmaniaThis isn’t the easiest cycling route as there are one or two hills (that is a large understatement) which can be quite strenuous. However you probably won’t care as you see the wonderfully diverse scenery of this island. A good place to start your cycling experience is in the capital city of Hobart. Ride around at your own pace discovering various buildings of historical value in Battery Point. There is also a challenging hill ride on Mount Wellington but it is definitely worth the effort for the view you see at the summit.For those feeling a bit lazy you can also use a cycling firm to drive up to the top then you cycle all the way down. Particularly appealing are the views of the east coast including a ferry trip to the Maria Island which is perfect for a day’s break from cycling with kayaking and plenty of trekking routes. Another location in Tasmania which is worth visiting is the North West coast which is perfect for cycling particularly on coastal route around Devonport. Port Sorrel makes a great destination to cycle to with its fishing, kayaking and water skiing.VictoriaThere are plenty of locations which are ideal for bike riding in Victoria. There are some of my personal choices.BrightThis location gives the opportunity to view some stunning countryside. If you have time then a visit to Mount Buffalo is recommend for the views and also the riding decent.MelbourneThe Melbourne area has one of the best views around the coastal roads. You can also take a break with a day at some beautiful beaches. Spend some time finding the right beach for you as some of them can be quite busy.WhittleseaNot so far from Melbourne, the Whittlesea area provides amazing views of the Kinglake National Park.Marysville LakeI only recommend this for the more advanced cyclist as the ride is very demanding but as long as you have backup and are willing to take things slowly, it is very much worth doing. There is also plenty to do there including golf courses, salmon farms, the Buxton Ridge winery and the popular Gallipoli Park with its state of the art children’s playground.Baw BawThis is another challenging bike ride with hilly roads running through many towns such as Willow Grove and Noojee but again well worth the effort. Spend another day there climbing Mount Baw Baw and be rewarded with spectacular views.