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The region of Andalusia lends itself well to a family cycling excursion, with a plethora of activities to enjoy and scenic views to take in.There is a lovely variety of breathtaking sceneries, cultures, and experiences, just waiting for the adventurous family to indulge in during a cycling trip through Spain’s Andalusia region. Against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, you’ll explore caves, parks, and the beach, all while stopping for exciting river excursions, historical and cultural explorations, and opportunities for horseback riding and hiking.Voyage through the years past in Andalusia
Andalusia encompasses a massive territory of land and offers many types of terrain for cycling, from the ultra challenging to the easy going. It’s the second largest of all the 17 autonomous communities of Spain and it is has the highest population. Over the centuries Andalusia has been ruled by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Visigoths, the Byzantines and the Islamic Empire, and each empire has left their mark throughout each city, town, and village, you’ll roll through.The pueblos blancos: a sight like nowhere else in the world
One of the most famous parts of Andalusia and one of the most unique experiences on your cycling adventure through Spain is visiting the “pueblos blancos,” or the white villages. These are a series of coastal towns and villages that reside along cliffs where every building throughout each town is painted in all white with red or brown roofs.One of the most enchanting towns you’ll come across during your tour of the pueblos blancos is the town of Ronda. Much of this white-clad city stretches across seaside and riverside cliffs and offers visitors magnificent views of the sea and the city. Ronda’s most popular attractions are its 3 main bridges; Puente Romano, Puente Viejo, and Puente Nuevo. Walking across each bridge will give you great views from an amazing perspective.Then it’s on to the big city
When you roll through the capital city of Seville on your cycling adventure through Spain’s Andalusia area, you’ll be engulfed in one of the country’s largest urban regions, with over 1.5 million people and all the trappings of any great metropolitan area.Plenty of museums, parks, and gardens greet you and your family in Seville, and the city is completely cyclist-friendly. One of the most popular sites is the Cathedral of St. Mary. Built during the Roman period and currently the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, the Cathedra of St. Mary is also famous for being the burial site of Christopher Columbus.Your cycling adventure through Spain will be the trip of a lifetime
Being the southernmost part of Europe (only kilometers from the Northern tip of Africa), Andalusia has wonderful weather for year-round cycling. It’s Mediterranean climate and range of elevations has given it several ecosystems that are each a great time riding through. Aside from the urban areas and the quaint villages, Andalusia also boasts 2 national parks and 24 natural parks, all with their own unique experiences, such as ancient cave dwellings and exotic wildlife, and a wealth of incredible activities for family members of all ages.Spain is well-loved among the world cycling community and Andalucia will give you a well-rounded cycling adventure through Spain for you and your family to talk about for several years to come. If you think this all sounds like your family’s type of cycling adventure, start planning your trip today!

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TasmaniaThis isn’t the easiest cycling route as there are one or two hills (that is a large understatement) which can be quite strenuous. However you probably won’t care as you see the wonderfully diverse scenery of this island. A good place to start your cycling experience is in the capital city of Hobart. Ride around at your own pace discovering various buildings of historical value in Battery Point. There is also a challenging hill ride on Mount Wellington but it is definitely worth the effort for the view you see at the summit.For those feeling a bit lazy you can also use a cycling firm to drive up to the top then you cycle all the way down. Particularly appealing are the views of the east coast including a ferry trip to the Maria Island which is perfect for a day’s break from cycling with kayaking and plenty of trekking routes. Another location in Tasmania which is worth visiting is the North West coast which is perfect for cycling particularly on coastal route around Devonport. Port Sorrel makes a great destination to cycle to with its fishing, kayaking and water skiing.VictoriaThere are plenty of locations which are ideal for bike riding in Victoria. There are some of my personal choices.BrightThis location gives the opportunity to view some stunning countryside. If you have time then a visit to Mount Buffalo is recommend for the views and also the riding decent.MelbourneThe Melbourne area has one of the best views around the coastal roads. You can also take a break with a day at some beautiful beaches. Spend some time finding the right beach for you as some of them can be quite busy.WhittleseaNot so far from Melbourne, the Whittlesea area provides amazing views of the Kinglake National Park.Marysville LakeI only recommend this for the more advanced cyclist as the ride is very demanding but as long as you have backup and are willing to take things slowly, it is very much worth doing. There is also plenty to do there including golf courses, salmon farms, the Buxton Ridge winery and the popular Gallipoli Park with its state of the art children’s playground.Baw BawThis is another challenging bike ride with hilly roads running through many towns such as Willow Grove and Noojee but again well worth the effort. Spend another day there climbing Mount Baw Baw and be rewarded with spectacular views.

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Spring is well on the way and summer just around the corner. This is the time of the year where all sports’ enthusiasts put their energy back to work. Cycling shop venues all over the nation are packed with all sorts of cycle accessories that will take care of your hydration needs. There are so many water bottle manufacturers and different types of bottles to choose from, so selecting the proper cycle accessories can be challenging at times. You may be someone that has had bottles for a few years or you may be in the market for new ones. Browse through the different types below and make the proper selection on these indispensable cycle accessories as they meet your cycling needs.· Single wall polypropylene with bite valve bottle – One of the oldest, most popular and most affordable bottles. Squeezable and very durable, but does not offer much if any, insulation. Great for occasional rides.· Double wall polypropylene with bite valve bottle – Very durable and very popular cycle accessories. Some manufacturers offer bottles with an insulated thermal layer in between the walls, which can maintain the integrity of your drinks, being hot or cold for longer periods of time. Ideal for mid to long range rides.· Single wall polyethylene “Clean bottle” – One of the newest bottles in the market. It can be unscrewed from both ends for better cleaning, making this bottle one of the best cycle accessories for the clean conscious. Down side – very little insulation. Great for occasional rides. The company, who manufactures these bottles, donates 10% of their profits to eco, cycling – friendly charities allowing the consumer to vote for their favorite.· Double wall polyethylene with bite valve and protective cap – great durability, squeezable and one feature I love the most, which is a protective cap to keep the bite valve clean from road spray and dust. Great addition to the germ conscious mind.It is important to know that many bottles vary in size. It would be wise to take into consideration the size range of 16 to 26 ounces before purchasing your cycle accessories. I also want to remind you there are basically three types of valves, which may or may not be included with the bottle you purchase at any good cycling shop. The Self Sealing Jet Valve TM, The Bite Valve and straw combination and the regular pull bite valve. Although many bottles and valves are dishwasher safe, I would make sure they are placed only on the upper rack of the dishwasher and that you use a lower hot water setting to prevent any unnecessary damage to your investment.